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About Me

My name is Paul Ledbury. I am a professional software and electronics developer, living in Lichfield in the UK.

I graduated in 1986 from Wolverhampton University with a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science. I have been a DTI-Registered Engineering Design Consultant and have qualified as a Cisco Certified Network Associate.

I have over 25 years experience in software design, analysis and programming, web and internet development, and electronics design and engineering.

I have developed, and developed for, microprocessor- and microcontroller- based control and test systems in both C and assembler, and PC-based applications in C and VB.

Paul Ledbury

I am experienced with internet and web development technologies and, at a programming level, with internet protocols.

I am currently Development Director for MIS Fuel Monitoring Ltd, one of the UK's leading specialists in the design and manufacture of commercial fuel management systems and diesel dispensers.