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HTML to EPUB Converter and EPUB Server

ePublicator is a Windows utility to convert HTML (and embedded metadata) into an EPUB format eBook. It will serve an eBook Catalog, and serve EPUB eBooks, for download over a wi-fi (or internet) connection. ePublicator is designed to complement eBook readers like iBooks, Stanza and ShuBook.

ePublicator is aimed at those with a basic knowledge of HTML who wish to create their own eBooks. HTML is the obvious choice for creating eBooks. It has a rich character set and easy mechanisms for including important markup information, like italics and bold text, m-dashes, and paragraph and chapter breaks. It is easy to edit using any text editor, and it can be used in a way that imposes no visual layout restrictions, making it ideal for reflowable content. Meta-data may also be embedded to give author, publisher, summary or description information, as well as a cover image and additional chapter information.

ePublicator converts an HTML eBook file to an EPUB format file which is placed in ePublicator's Library. Layout restrictions are minimal — chapters and contents are automatically generated from div's in the HTML. The ePublicator Guide gives details of the features that are supported, including how metadata and cover images are supported and extracted. The guide also doubles as a sample eBook which ePublicator can convert to EPUB format.

An inbuilt server makes all eBooks in ePublicator's library available by serving both a web-page eBook Catalog and an OPDS (Open Publication Distribution System) eBook Catalog for browsing the library and making the individual eBooks available for download. Password protection is supported, allowing private or restricted access to the Catalog and eBooks over the internet.

ePublicator can also assist with converting PDF files to HTML in preparation for final editing and EPUB conversion. It will attempt to detect paragraph breaks in the original PDF and format the HTML accordingly. It the paragraph detection fails it will attempt to artificially generate appropriate paragraph breaks. It can also detect many instances where a hyphen is used instead of an m-dash and convert hyphens to m-dashes accordingly.

The EPUB format eBooks that ePublicator creates will validate fully with ePubCheck and ePubPreflight, and can be read online as well as on iBooks, Stanza, ShuBook and other EPUB compatible eBook readers.

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ePublicator has a simple, user-friendly interface, requiring minimal interaction. It supports both drag-and-drop and a file-open dialog, to select the HTML or PDF file to be processed. It can run in the System Tray if desired. The server component has a configurable port number and may be disabled if not required.

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This software is fully functional for 30 days. To continue using it after this time, you must buy a license. A license currently costs just £7.00.

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A license is valid for all minor version upgrades. New versions will be posted here, so you might like to check back from time to time.

This software has been developed for Windows XP and later. It is provided 'as-is', without warranty. Using this software does not entitle you to any support. It is your responsibility to test and evaluate this software, and to determine its suitability prior to purchasing any license.