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Merridale FuelFX

Total Fuel Management Software

  • Network any number of depots worldwide
  • Customisable centralised reporting
  • Automatic out-of-hours communications with sites
  • Full accounting and fuel cost management
  • Accurate vehicle performance analysis
  • Tank stock reconciliation and costing
  • Service scheduling and reporting
  • Department/subcontractor invoicing
  • Environmental impact reporting
  • Email reports to remote depots
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel

  • Merridale FuelFX brings an unprecedented degree of sophistication and flexibility to fuel management on a PC. Capable of networking multiple depots to a central office, FuelFX provides the most comprehensive package for central control, analysis and reporting.

    Users can fully-maintain their own FuelFX database including setting up new vehicles, drivers, accounts, reports, export formats, graphs etc., and identifiers such as data-keys and data-tags, can be reprogrammed remotely by the user.

    Merridale FuelFX includes a powerful and flexible report generator with the ability to produce millions of different report types.

    The software is commissioned with various standard and customised reports, which generally cover the reporting requirements of most customers, however the report writer allows the user to set up tailored reports to cover specific requirements.

    Export formats for transaction information can also be customised to allow the user to export data to a spreadsheet or text file, enabling import into third-party software such as Microsoft® Excel® for further analysis.



    This software is designed to operate with a Merridale fuel management system. The distribution rights to this software are licensed to MIS Fuel Monitoring Ltd. For further information or to purchase a license to use this software please visit the Merridale web site.