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Merridale FuelSite

Entry-level Fuel Management Software

  • Low cost
  • No specialist training required
  • Single site application
  • Up to 99 vehicles/drivers
  • Supports up to 2 pumps
  • Fuel consumption and performance reporting
  • Stock reporting
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Transaction and stock costing

  • Merridale FuelSite combines practical, useable features with one, cost-effective price. The simplicity of the software enables users of all levels to operate the software, with no need for the cost or time implications of user training. The software is installed, ready-to-use at the point of hardware installation.

    Users can maintain their fleet by adding, amending and deleting keys numbers, stock deliveries and dips. For security FuelSite allows keys to be locked out and driver numbers added to allow total control over fuelling.

    The flexible report generator within FuelSite allows consumption, performance and stock reports to be created easily, and for the exact date range required. Data can also be exported for further analysis in third-party software such as Microsoft Excel.



    This software is designed to operate with a Merridale fuel management system. The distribution rights to this software are licensed to MIS Fuel Monitoring Ltd. For further information or to purchase a license to use this software please visit the Merridale web site.