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Merridale FuelWorks

Web-based Fuel Management Software

  • Web-based fuel management
  • Access from anywhere1 with your preferred web browser2
  • Operates standalone, on the office LAN, company WAN or world wide web1
  • Supports multiple users and multiple sites
  • No specialist training required
  • Fuel, cost and performance reporting
  • FIFO stock costing and reporting
  • Export to Microsoft Excel or other applications
  • Host on any Windows PC3

  • Merridale FuelWorks gives you the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to accessing your fuelling data. Capable of being installed as a standalone application, or giving access to local users on an office LAN, remote sites on a corporate WAN, or any authorised user anywhere on the internet1.

    No expensive hardware is required. FuelWorks can operate on any Windows PC3 providing fuelling data for multiple users and multiple sites.

    Fuel, cost and performance reporting is provided for vehicle and driver analysis, CO2 emissions can be calculated for environmental impact reporting, and FIFO stock costing gives you accurate tank stock reconciliation and costing reports.

    FuelWorks allows you to maintain vehicles and drivers and remotely lock out and re-program data keys or tags when required.

    Merridale FuelWorks includes numerous powerful and flexible ways of viewing your fuelling data with the ability to create and customise reports as necessary.

    Vehicles can be grouped by vehicle type for performance reporting and by account for costing reports.

    Data can also be exported in a spreadsheet-compatible format, enabling import into third-party applications such as Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

    FuelWorks can also send alerts by email when tank stock goes low and can predict how long remaining stock will last.

    No commissioning is required. The software is ready to run "out-of-the-box", saving you money on installation and giving you immediate access to your fuelling data from the moment of installation.

    1. Access through a corporate firewall/router may be required.
    2. A modern standards-compliant graphical web-browser with javascript capability is required.
    3. Windows XP or later is required. A Windows server is not required.



    This software is designed to operate with a Merridale fuel management system. The distribution rights to this software are licensed to MIS Fuel Monitoring Ltd. For further information or to purchase a license to use this software please visit the Merridale web site.