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Mail Check

Email notification for home and office users

The Mail Check utility is a system tray based mail checker that will check for mail waiting in remote mailboxes. It runs on a client machine and will periodically contact mail servers to check for new mail.

Mail Check supports multiple POP3 mailboxes and is designed for a LAN or internet connection to multiple mail servers. It can be configured to call up your mail client (Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail etc) both from the mail alert window and from the task tray icon. It will pop up a window when mail is waiting to be collected and, optionally, play a wave file.

Mail Check can recognise mail left on the server and notify new mail only. It can also generate a signature file with randomly changing quotes.

New mail notification


  • Proactive notification of waiting mail
  • Audible as well as visual alert
  • Optional random signatures for mail sent


  • Operates over a LAN or over the internet
  • Can check multiple mail boxes on multiple POP3 servers
  • Configurable checking intervals
  • Configurable mail alert sound
  • Operates with all popular mail clients
  • Can recognise mail left on a server and notify new mail only
  • Can generate a randomly changing signature file

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This software is fully functional for 30 days. To continue using it after this time, you must buy a license. A license currently costs just £3.50.

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A license is valid for all minor version upgrades. New versions will be posted here, so you might like to check back from time to time.

This software has been developed for Windows XP and later. It is provided 'as-is', without warranty. Using this software does not entitle you to any support. It is your responsibility to test and evaluate this software, and to determine its suitability prior to purchasing any license.