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HTML Pre-processor for static web sites

An HTML pre-processor that supports include files, variables, and conditional HTML blocks, allowing headers, footers, menus and other common elements to be compiled along with each source page to produce static HTML for uploading to a web site. Includes automatic 'Make' functionality to reprocess only the destination HTML files whose source has been altered.

ProHTML was created for those who enjoy writing HTML by hand, but don't like the drudgery of duplicating headers, footers and ever-changing menus on every single page.

ProHTML will 'process' or 'compile' any number of source 'HTML' pages that make up a web site, and produce the static HTML that needs to be uploaded. The source 'HTML' can be written using any text editor but, in addition to standard HTML, may include:

  • Include files - blocks of common HTML included on more than one page.
  • Pre-defined variables - for date and time of compilation.
  • User defined variables - values which can be expanded within the HTML or tested for specific actions.
  • Conditional HTML blocks - HTML which may be included depending on the value or existance of variables.

ProHTML also offers automatic 'Make' functionality, whereby only the destination HTML files whose source has been altered will be re-compiled.

Practically, this means that, for example:
  • Changing a header or footer involves changing just one include file - re-compiling the HTML will result in the new header being added to every page.
  • Adding a menu option can be accomplished by changing just the menu file - recompiling will add the new menu option to every page.
  • Adding a new page is easy - the header, footer, menu or other common sections may be included, each with a single line.
  • Meta-tags or redirection can be added to a new page without remembering the syntax - just by setting a variable which is expanded in a header file.
  • Date/Time stamping pages is easy - it can be done automatically when the source is changed.
  • Common styles or graphics can be stored in variables - changing one variable results in a global change across the page or site.

The ProHTML Guide/Sample Files give details of the features that ProHTML supports. The guide files also double as sample files and include the source HTML which can be processed by ProHTML.



This software is fully functional for 30 days. To continue using it after this time, you must buy a license. A license currently costs just £3.50.

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A license is valid for all minor version upgrades. New versions will be posted here, so you might like to check back from time to time.

This software has been developed for Windows XP and later. It is provided 'as-is', without warranty. Using this software does not entitle you to any support. It is your responsibility to test and evaluate this software, and to determine its suitability prior to purchasing any license.